Named one of the nation's top 10 online fintech programs

Best Online Fintech Certificate Programs LogoKennesaw State University's Certificate in Financial Technology was recognized as one of the top ten in the country by in their Guide to the Nation's Best Online Fintech Certificate Programs for 2024. KSU's program was named No. 10 on the list, with the feature highlighting the University's proximity to Atlanta, one of the nation's financial transaction hubs.

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Kennesaw State University is a proud partner of the Georgia Fintech Academy, an online talent development platform developed through collaboration with the University System of Georgia and Georgia's Fintech industry leaders. Courses and programs developed through the Fintech Academy allow learners to access the specialized educational experiences necessary to enter the Fintech sector regardless of geographic location.

KSU Fintech Mission

Fintech@KSU’s mission is to produce the next generation of cross-disciplinary educated innovators ready to shape Fintech’s real world opportunities.

We do this through the following strategies:

1.    Alignment of academic units in cross disciplinary talent development,

2.    Targeting hands-on, experiential learning in cooperation with industry, and

3.    Awareness among academic and administrative units, parents, and students about the potential of Fintech sector opportunities.

What is Fintech?

Fintech is the technology that makes electronic banking possible including everything from Gift cards, debit cards, credit cards, ATMs, and the phone apps you use to electronically transfer money to your friends or pay bills. Fintech allows you to invest, insure, and bank from your mobile device without ever having to set foot in a building. Courses in financial technology prepare you for a high demand career in areas such as information technology, cybersecurity, data science, and business.

Did you know Georgia is home to the largest concentration of financial technology companies in the country? Georgia companies process more than 70% of all credit and debit card transactions in the United States. Georgia has truly earned the name "Transaction Alley"! 

Fintech in Georgia:

  • $72 billion+ annual revenue in Georgia
  • 160+ financial technology (Fintech) companies
  • 70% of all U.S. payments processed run through a company located in Georgia
  • 50,000+ employees in Fintech in Georgia
  • 15 million+ global card-enabled merchants rely upon Georgia companies

Fintech Minor (15 Hours)

Required Courses (12 Credit Hours)

FTA 3810 Payments Processing
FTA 3850 Digital Payments Security
FTA 3890 Experiential Learning
FTA 4001 Foundations of Fintech

Elective Courses (3 Credit Hours)
Choose any one of the following courses:

FTA 3860 Emerging Payments Technology
FTA 4002 Financial Technologies
FTA 4003 Commercial Banking and Fintech
FTA 4005 Introduction to Financial Data Analytics
FTA 4100 Introduction to Information Security for Fintech

Fintech Core Courses

For students with a budding interest in Fintech, a good way to explore your interest further is by taking an introductory course as an elective. Sampling courses as electives allows students an opportunity to explore a given subject area as a potential career choice before pursuing that path.

The following courses have been developed by Kennesaw State University and Georgia State University as part of the Georgia Fintech Academy and are available to take online through USG eMajor. KSU students are able to register for these classes without any transient admission requirements.

  • Semester
    Course Number
    Course Title
  • Spring 2024
    10101 (8 weeks)
    FTA 3860/01
    Emerging Payments Technology
  • Spring 2024
    10102 (8 weeks)
    FTA 3890/01
    Experiential Learning
  • Summer 2024
    FTA 3810/01 
    Payments Processing
  • Summer 2024
    FTA 3850/01 
    Digital Payments Security


  • Course Number 
    Course Title
  • FTA 4001 

    Foundations of Fintech

  • FTA 4002 

    Financial Technologies

  • FTA 4003 

    Commercial Banking and Fintech

  • FTA 4005 

    Introduction to Financial Data Analytics

  • FTA 4100 

    Introduction to Information Security for Fintech

For questions about Fintech courses and programs available at KSU, contact Dr. Humayun Zafar at

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